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Publications 2008

Three Little Pigs and the Straw Stick House, an entertaining and thought-provoking eco-twist on the classic folktale. Written by Christian Vassie and illustrated by Eric Heyman.
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The Future of Energy: Going Against the Current, a film written by Marie Hellouin and directed by Claude Lahr, A La Huit / Gilles Le Mao and Arte France co-production with the participation of Energy Cities
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Display: Five displayful years
english (PDF - 4.8 Mb)

Guidebook of sustainable neighbourhoods in Europe
english, french (PDF - 1.2 Mb)

RUSE - New Forms of Financing - Municipal Sustainable Energy Projects
english (PDF - 3.9 Mb)

Energy Cities Info n°35
english, french (PDF - 4 Mb)

Energy Cities Info n°34
english, french (PDF - 2.3 Mb)

Publications 2007

IMAGINE 2007 - Proceedings - Changing our mindsets: Inspiration from sustainable districts
english, french (PDF - 2.6 Mb) use the Structural Funds for sustainable energy projects
english (PDF - 2.4 Mb)

RUSE - Financing sustainable energy projects from the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund in 2007-2013
english (PDF - 1.1 Mb)

The Energy Impact of Local Transport: Time to Act
english (PDF - 1.1 Mb)

Action on fuel poverty in social housing
english, french (PDF - 1.4 Mb)

Energy Cities Info n°33
english, french (PDF - 2.5 Mb)

Publications 2006

Bringing sustainable energy into your school
english, french (PDF - 1.5 Mb)

Guide for local and regional governments - Save energy, save the climate, save money
english, german, spanish (PDF - 1 Mb)

Energy Cities Info n°32
english , french (PDF - 1.6 Mo)

Energy Cities Info n°31
english, french (PDF - 2.4 Mo)

Publications 2005

SPLASH - Best practices guide for Small Hydro
english, french (PDF - 2.6 Mb)

Energy Cities Info n°30
english, french (PDF - 1.9 Mo)

Energy Cities Info n°29
english, french (PDF - 2.2 Mo)

Publications 2004

Performance contracting - Guidelines for municipalities - Public private partnerships
english, french (PDF - 500.3 kb)

SMILE - Towards sustainable urban transport policies - Recommandationsfor Local Authorities
english, spanish (PDF - 1.5 Mo)

SMILE - Welcome to 14 European Cities - An invitation to take Action
english (PDF - 2.5Mo)

Towards sustainable urban mobility for Europe : The European mobility week
english, french (PDF - 2.9 Mb)

Energie et territoires : 24 exemples de bonnes pratiques
french (PDF - 1.9 Mo)

Publications 2003

MEELS - Municipalities and Energy Efficiency in a Liberalised System - Guidelines for Municipalities: Adapting to New Roles in a Liberalised Market
english (PDF - 201.2 kb)

Combating Urban Sprawl
english (PDF - 1.8 Mb)

Map of members
Union of Communities of Armenia (AM) Armenia | Agencia de Energia & Ambiente da Arrabida - Energy agency Portugal | Mariupol Ukraine | Cities Northern Netherlands (NL) Belgium | Lisboa e-nova - Energy agency Portugal
Events to come
Energy Cities’ 2017 Conference - 2050 Starts Today
From 26 to 28 April

Covenant of Mayors workshop: The Covenant of Mayors going national - Collaboration perspectives
Wednesday 26 April 09:00-15:00

Kick-off: Smarter Together Club of Cities
Wednesday 26 April 12:00-14:30

A European energy system in 3D? Rethinking the EU’s energy and climate policies
Wednesday 26 April 12:30-15:00

EEW3 Webinar: Energy Efficiency Recommendations - Focus on Financing
Thursday 4 May 10:00-11:30

EEW3 at Zagreb Energy Week: EEW3 at Zagreb Energy Week: Smart energy solutions for sustainable development
Wednesday 10 May 09:00-12:00

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